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  • Identify your Ideal Client
  • How to Create Content that Converts

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  • How to create a Magnetic Signature Offer
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Elaine Walsh-McGrath Digital Marketing Consultant

Imagine if you could get your business to work for you. If you had the time, the budget and the confidence for it to become the success you're dreaming of.

When I think back to my first business venture, a social events company. My first event was a roaring success. But then I made lots of mistakes and it unravelled. I wasn't clear about what I offered. And I didn't attract enough of the right clients.

It taught me so much and I was ready to make my next business a success. I grew my next business to six figures.

Want to know what I learned? Sign up for my Two Day Interactive Workshop and learn how you can attract your ideal client and create the impact you are dreaming of.

This workshop is for you if...

  • You have launched your business but your bank account is suggesting that you're not selling the "right thing."
  • You are afraid to commit to focusing on an ideal client in case it reduces the people signing up.
  • You are spending too much time on social media and have no idea what is working. You want to give it up.


You deserve to attract and help the clients you want.


Create a Magnetic Offer

You want to use your experience and skills to help your clients to live the life they are dreaming of. I'll help you to package up your skills into a magnetic offer.

Identify your Ideal Client

It can be hard to find the people that you can help the most and want to be helped. These tips will help.

Create Original Content

The most compelling content is what your ideal client needs to help them. I'll show you how to create four weeks of original content in 10 minutes.

Social that Converts

Now that you have your offer, your client and content ideas I'll share how you can make it all work to attract your ideal client.

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I remember the moment when I decided enough is enough. I had spent way too much on ads that hadn't converted. I remember the feeling of dread, not knowing whether the business will cover its bills month to month.

That moment when I stopped all my ads, I went back to the drawing board. I opened my website and deleted all the offers off my page except for one.

The feeling when I signed my first high ticket client. And then I covered the bills in the business.

Then the next two clients. And then I paid myself for the first time since I had worked in my six figure consultancy business. This time, like Goldilocks, I had the balance between money and work just right.

I had one offer and it made life much easier. It was still hard work, reaching out and networking. And the offer needed fine tuning as I worked with my clients. But at the same time it was easy because I had one central message. It all built one block on top of the other.

And then my clients started telling me their stories. As our programs finished together, they had started to sign clients from their social media activity. They got speaking gigs. They got referrals from people they didn't know. This can happen for you too.

You can find your dream clients on social media. They are waiting for you. Join me on the 25th May and I'll show you how.

So... are you in?

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✅ 2 hours of LIVE interactive teaching across two days with Marketing Expert for Socially Conscious Businesses, Elaine Walsh-McGrath

✅ Q&A opportunities directly with your host, Elaine Walsh-McGrath

✅ Ideal Client workbook with exercises and feedback

✅ Instant replays to catch anything you missed, available for 3 days

✅ A private Facebook Group to ask questions and gain feedback

"What I liked about working with Elaine is her approach to the coaching with a clear passion for marketing combined with an innate understanding."

- Matt (Inside Manager Sales Coach, Ireland)

"I achieved more in my yoga business in two months with Elaine than two years on my own."

- Iona (Yoga Teacher & GloFacial Business Owner, France)