Create Content with Ease Workbook

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  • Eight questions to help you connect with your ideal client so that you can create magnetic content.
  • 4 questions to give you 8 weeks of content ideas that you can use on your blog, in email or any social media platform.
  • Easy to Follow Actions that you can take to help you to grow your list.

Hi I'm Elaine.

I'm here to make creating content easy. I have used social media to promote my businesses over the past ten years. I've used it to grow lists of buyers and so can you.

When you get your messaging right on social media it saves so much time that you can spend either, creating more content to make more money! Or taking a break and hanging out with the people you love.

This workbook is based on my own formula for success for the social content that I create to promote my businesses. I also share inspiring questions that are easy to answer to get your creative juices flowing. I use these techniques with my Content Strategy Agency "Content that Converts" clients to help them to produce content that grow their followers, engagement levels and ultimately sell more.

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Elaine Walsh McGrath Digital and Content Consultant

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